Can you hear me now?

Been a while once again, since I've blogged here. Basically, the cycle goes something like this: you people do something incredibly stupid. The pressure begins to build until I reach the breaking point listening to your whines and insipid complaints, and then I flip out and post three or four blogs until I calm down or my real life (read as: "Shit that actually means something.") begins to take precedence once again.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

So, anyway, I've been trying to keep a lid on my temper for a few weeks now, but this week I've pretty much had it. I've been saying for some time that your elected leaders don't give a thin shit about you.

Do you need any more proof than you've seen over the last few months? I mean, I've commented
many many times over the years on how damn stupid you are, America. Anyone with a decent speech reading capability and a teleprompter can snowblind you with bullshit in a few seconds. You are racist and you are ignorant. We can pretty much accept that, because there is no other explanation for someone like Barack HUSSEIN Obama being elected to the highest office in the country when he refused to provide even the most basic documentation of his fucking citizenship.

By the way, I want to make this clear right now. I'm not one of those folks trying to get him removed from power because he's "obviously not an American citizen because he wasn't born here." Truthfully, I don't care. Where Obama's mom managed to shit him out is completely irrelevant to the amount of damage that shitheel has done to my country. He could have been born on the Statue of Liberty's sandaled toes for all I care. What amazes me is that this is another of a long line of lies, obfuscations, half-truths, and downright evasions that he has gotten a completely free pass from the media on.

Hell, I still can't understand why John McCain gave him a free pass on his association with Bill Ayers. Jesus, do you people even remember that we're supposed to not really like terrorists? Obama associated with one for decades and you don't even blink! 

If I'm running the McCain campaign in 2008, Obama's association with Ayers would have been the forefront of every ad I ran. No matter what point I wanted to make, the end of the commercial would state clearly, "Just a reminder, my opponent, Barack Hussein Obama, willingly and intentionally associated with and supported a known domestic terrorist for over two decades. Is that the kind of man you think should be in America's highest office?"

He's openly racist, as are his most fervent supporters, and I've told you this over and over again. He's also either irredeemably incompetent, or outright malicious and devoted to the destruction of our country and way of life, which is why his policies and procedures have worsened the economy despite claiming to have "saved" a shit ton of jobs. Hey, you ever notice that he never "creates" jobs? He always "saves" them? This is because you can't ever prove he didn't save the jobs!

"Hey Joe? Still working for Ace Construction?" 

"Yeah. Obama saved my job."

Really? I wonder how. According to my data, his incompetence has lost a bunch of jobs-- about 125,000 every twenty days or so-- despite spending $1.3 trillion of your money.

But really, I don't feel like blogging about this today. Obama has had a fairly stable Rasmussen Poll for the last several months. Basically, the same people think he's an idiot that did in January, and the same people are deluded into thinking he's the goddamn messiah that were in 2008.

What I want to talk about is how much your government respects you. In 1776 our forefathers decided that they'd had enough of tyrannical government. They drew a line in the sand and said, "Here will I stand, and you shall not pass." There was blood, and tears, and when the smoke cleared there was a new country and a new concept of government.

The idea was simple. The people do not exist to serve the government. The government exists to serve the people. The people are not a cash cow for the governmental checkbook. They have rights, one of the most important of which is the right to be free from excessive governmental influence and meddling in their lives.

This is basic. Most schoolchildren are taught this. The problem is, they are never taught what it means to be free. Freedom means responsibility. It means having to make your own tough choices and live with the consequences.

We are not free today. Carlos Mencia proved that once. He told a joke about, in his words, "A nigger, a spic, and a honky..." (Mencia is Hispanic, of Honduran descent.)
At the end of the joke he flatly told his audience, "You think you're free? Tell that joke at work on Monday."

The stupid part? The audience laughed. They thought that was the joke, never realizing that they were the joke.

We can't say what we want in America today. If I punch you in the face, I get prison time for assault. If I punch you in the face and you're gay, I get twice the prison time because it's a hate crime-- whether that was the reason I punched you in your fool mouth or not!

And our government? They don't give a shit about you. Let's look at some of the facts, shall we? (Oh noes! Angry D is going to the fact bukket again!)

Fact one: The American people overwhelmingly hate Obamacare. They are disgusted with Nancy Pelosi's little comments like "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." 

No, Nancy, you do not. If you were half the patriot you claim to be then you would understand your responsibility to the American people to protect us from garbage legislation. Unfortunately, the only thing your stupid ass understands is power. You're like a Sith Lord without the cool lightsaber. You want the power that putting one sixth of the American economy under your thumb brings you, but you have never demonstrated even the merest shred of an understanding of responsibility. This is why the American people have never given a congress under your control a rating higher than 12% approval. 

We hated Obamacare before it was passed. That's why you had to call for vote at midnight on a Saturday-- twice-- to get the motherfucker passed. How dare you sit there on your smugly self-righteous high horse and act shocked that we aren't happy with you when you ignore us?

Bear in mind, America, I've been telling you for almost a half decade now-- since before Pelosi took office as Speaker in 2007 three and a half years ago-- that she was ignoring your flat orders and wishes. When gas climbed to $4.77/gallon, she refused to even discuss drilling ANWR. (And if Republicans had any sense they would have used that-- again and again-- in the 2008 elections. Gas was still over $3.50/gallon, and you idiots let democrats blame Bush instead of hammering home the point I've brought up time and again-- Gas was $2.10 when Pelosi took office in 2007 and was more than twice that less than a year later thanks to her bungling. Am I the only person with a copy of Excel and the ability to make a fucking graph with it?)

They ignored you on gas prices. They ignored you on Obamacare.

So what happens? Missouri voters tell Obama and his clowns No, We Are Not Interested In Your Healthcare, and that empty-headed mouthpiece speaking for the White House, Robert Gibbs, says, "Well, it doesn't matter. The federal government can do whatever they want."

Really. You really think so, Mr. Gibbs? I suggest you answer carefully. In 1860 there was a little rumpus you may have read about that occurred when the federal government decided they had ultimate authority. 700,000 dead, Mr. Gibbs. Go pull up an archive of newspapers from 1859 sometime, dear reader, and compare them to Newsweek or your local rag. If that doesn't scare the shit out of you, then you're dumber than I thought-- which is going some because I'm convinced there are things in my ferret's litter pan that are smarter than the average American.

Let me put Gibbs's response in plain English: "We don't give a shit what the American people think about our mandates and laws. We are going to pass them whether you want them or not. We are going to make you pay for them whether you want them or not, and we are going to make you use them whether you want them or not."

(By the way, dear reader, I told you in 2006 that if you put another democrat in the White House this would happen. You were too busy blaming Bush for a recession we weren't even in yet and cheering the NFL for refusing to allow Rush Limbaugh to become a part owner because he's supposed to be racist to pay attention to the country that was being stolen from you.)

Fact two: The American people overwhelmingly support Arizona, especially since Arizona is actually doing nothing more than enforcing federal law in the first place!

Gee Mr. Obama, if you would do the fucking job, Arizona wouldn't have to do it! What a concept! Remember when we had a president with some balls, who took responsibility and accepted it?

Unfortunately, instead of the federal government saying to themselves, "Hmmm... non-Americans don't have rights in America any more than Americans have rights in, say, Turkey (Google "Americans in Turkish prisons" sometime.)" These degenerate assheads instead take the path of, "If we allow illegal immigrants to come into the country then they will consume resources. Because they want those resources, they will vote (illegally, of course, but why stop now?) for my campaign. This will get me in power as long as I sponsor and support bills designed to give them those resources. Fuck it! It's not my money!"

Guess what, folks? You can hold your swastika signs and claim it's "racist" to want to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, but you still haven't remembered the basic premise of the argument: 


Does that hammer through your thick fucking skull, Obama? As long as you're stealing my income to pay for them, you keep those illegals out of my country, dig? You'll note that I'm not phrasing that as a request because it isn't one. You work for me.

But hey, never mind. Yet another activist judge ignores the Constitution and decides to try to hamstring the law, because flatly ignoring the stated wishes of 88% of the goddamn people is somehow now the "American Way." By the by, I remind you again, that this law was put in place to assist Arizona in enforcing a federal code!

Fact three: The BP oil spill was the fault of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and others like them.

Here's a reality they'd rather you didn't think about. No one wants to drill a  mile and a half under water. It's difficult and it's deadly.

What do you do if you have a leaking valve or a blowout on a land-based oil reservoir? I'll tell you, in small words: You walk up to the fucking thing and you turn a valve that shuts the oil off. There, spill stopped. Begin cleanup. Wasn't that easy?

What do you do if you have a leaking valve or a blowout on a shallow water oil rig? I'll tell you that, too. You send a diver down to turn a valve that shuts the oil off. There, spill stopped. Begin collection and cleanup. Wasn't that easy?

What do you do if you have a leaking valve or a blowout on a deepwater oil well more than a goddamn mile below the surface, in an area of the ocean you're forced by shortsighted environmental law to drill in?

Well, you let it leak for four months because you can't physically get down to the damn thing to cap it, while the President of the United States goes on television to use his kids as an insipid, puerile talking point, "Daddy, did you pwug the icky weak inna oshun yet?" 

How damn sad is it that Obama is so incompetent as a leader and administrator that he has to resort to using his kids as a human interest shield? By the way, these are the same kids that he declared "off limits" during the campaign, while his campaign strategists were attacking Bristol Palin. Last time I checked, that young lady was not running for office, either, so let me now say what should have been said during the campaign: 

"Mr. Obama, your kids are fuck ugly. Worse than that, the ivory tower education you're subjecting them to is a clear indication that you lack faith in the public educational system you demand for the rest of America. By virtue of this evidence, you are a hypocrite and a liar. Worse than that, your kids are probably going to be just as disconnected from reality and disassociated from the 'commoners' as you and the wife who wears $500 sneakers to a soup kitchen are. Oh, and your kids are fuck ugly."

Let's not forget, I told you in 2007 to pester Nancy Pelosi with calls until she allowed a vote on drilling ANWR. Even with gas at $4.88 a gallon you couldn't be bothered. It was easier to blame Bush. Now, I'm not saying that drilling ANWR would have prevented this calamity. I am damn sure saying, however, that if the democrats would get out of our fucking way and let us drill for our own oil in our own property on areas that are easy to get to and set up equipment in then the likelihood of a catastrophic leak and massive environmental damage is drastically reduced.

Oil on land-- sits there.

Oil in water-- spreads out and floats around.

You tell me, moron. Which one is easier to clean up? 

And by the way, the planet is doing a pretty good job of cleaning this shit up without us. You know, much like it did in 1979 after the Ixtoc I oil spill where there was almost no cleanup what-so-fucking ever!

Let me be clear here: if Pelosi had listened to us in 2007, gas would be cheaper, the economy would be in better shape because energy would cost less, therefore manufacturing and shipping costs would be reduced, and we might have averted one of the largest oil disasters in American history!

Fact four: 81% of the country was against the unethical, illegal and unconstitutional theft of General Motors from its shareholders. There is no legal precedent anywhere in our nation's history for a sitting president to use taxpayer funds to buy out a corporation's stock and use that to fire the CEO by official mandate.

Fact 4a: Ford, which refused the bailout money, is in the black. GM, stolen from its owners and run by Obamandate, is still running in the red.

This what you had in mind when you voted for "Hope and change?" (God! That fucking slogan disgusts me. It doesn't mean anything and it never did. It's now indicative of a failed presidency trying to govern on platitudes and cutesy sayings because ability and competence are in short supply.)

Fact five: Obama and his family have spent more taxpayer money on partying and vacations than you can even imagine. Right now, Michelle Obama is in Spain for a four day trip. Cost to the taxpayer? A mere $2,655 per room, per night for 45 rooms in a five star hotel.

Since your neurons don't seem to fire so good I'll work them there numbahs fer ya: 

$2,655 x 45 (rooms) x 4 (nights) = $477,900 . That's half a million dollars your First Lady is spending on a four day vacation while you're eating Top Ramen. Yeah, no excesses or waste in this administration, is there?

I wonder what your kid's school could do with that money?

Plus the fuel for Air Force Two. The security staff. The catering and dining. Flying that goddamn dog around.

This from an administration that flies a pizza chef in from Chicago on the taxpayer dime, and purchases Wagyu steak ($488 per pound) for a little snack.

You know, I stopped reading a very funny web comic a few months ago because I got tired of reading the author's ignorant rants archive (attached to the comics) about President Bush spending time cutting brush on his own fucking property in Texas. I wonder if that same shithead comic author has anything to say about a president that traipses all over the fucking world while you and I pay for it, taking expensive vacations we can only dream about, ordering meals we'll never taste, and generally playing and abusing his office while you and I struggle to cover our grocery bills in the fucking economy he has shit into?

Probably not. This comic author actually had the audacity to berate Jeff Dunham as "not funny," while simultaneously whining piteously that he needed back surgery and 'would his readers please help out by making a paypal donation to his health fund?'

(He also openly said, "I'd like to apologize for Bush's actions, people of the world. He doesn't speak for all Americans." Yeah, well, Obama doesn't bow for me when he sticks his nose up terror supporting asses and chooses to recognize Japan's whining about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.)

Fact five: It ain't all Obama. Alan Grayson had the balls to stand there after the American people have told him, repeatedly, incessantly, ferociously to stop spending our fucking money, and say "You Republicans who have tried to block extending unemployment benefits, you have taken food from the mouths of children. May God have mercy on your souls!"

In the first place, you arrogant, cock-faced shitweasel, you need to step off your self-righteous bandwagon and recognize that you're not spending your own fucking money, you are stealing it from me and from people like me.

You want to feed the hungry? Fine. Do it with your own $300,000 annual salary, you self-important, stuck up fuckwad! Stop stealing from me to make yourself look good. You are no better than an alley thug stealing a wallet, so get off your goddamn high horse for a moment.

By the way, this is the same Alan Grayson that used taxpayer funds to create a DVD of his "highlights" in office (presumably multiple counts of further spending taxpayer money) to send out to Florida residents.

I have but one question for you, Grayson:


No, wait, I have another. How do you look yourself in the mirror? Maybe if you did you'd see the real problem with America.

Fact six: Your judges don't care about the will of the people. They only care about their own agenda.

Along with the moron blocking the Arizona immigration bill, we have an openly gay judge who has had to have a writ of mandamas inserted not once but twice during the discovery process due to his interference in a legal battle that, by any standard he should have recused himself from, and then ruled against California Prop 8 in clear violation of legal ethics and legal precedent. Since it was also in violation of common-goddamn-sense I think we can call it the perfect activist judge trifecta.

You want to explain to me how a gay judge remains neutral in a legal dispute involving the legality of gay marriage? Further, you want to tell me where he gets the gall to overturn the clear orders of 700,000 people? No, this does not fall under the equal protection clause, because gays have the same rights you and I have: to marry members of the opposite gender!

Used to be gays were the love that dare not speak its name. Now it's the love that won't shut the fuck up.

Never mind that it's obvious that this judge was biased from the beginning, since he had to be disciplined twice by the most liberal appellate court in the country! Where the fuck does this guy get the idea that he outranks the voting public? This isn't a piece of legislation authored by some whackjob representative, (like, you know, the Obamacare bill). This is a proposition placed before the House by the people of the state!

What. The. Fuck?

Do you need any more, America? Do you need any further evidence that your electorate despises you, holds you in contempt, has zero intention of obeying your orders or carrying out your wishes, and sees you as nothing more than a cash cow to fund their expensive vacations and support their pet projects and feelgood initiatives? 

I didn't even bring up the fact that not one, but two democrats have been implicated in the last nine days for ethics violations. Naturally, both of them immediately screamed, "You're RAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIIIIST!!!!" Because when a black senator breaks the fucking law, it's not really a crime, see? That's only for white folk. That's part of why the goddamn attorney general decided that it was really okay that members of the New Black Panthers threatened and intimidated elderly white voters during the 2008 election. That would be why he dropped the charges after trying to bleat about how RAAAAAAACIIIIST America is.

Yeah. America's racist, Mr. Holder. Because of people like you who hold a double standard. For the record, I don't give a shit about race. I have better reasons to hate someone than the color of their skin-- and at the top of that list is using the color of that skin as a club to compel obedience.

Fact seven: Your elected representatives hold you in utter contempt.

Take a look at this video of Pete Stark, a congressman from California (why am I not surprised?) This is during a town hall meeting where he openly mocks Minutemen (you know, the guys on the border trying to do what the federal government refuses to do and secure our country?). He asks the man, "Who have you killed today?" What the fuck? Hey asshole, that is your goddamn boss! You work for him!

This scumbag politician flatly tells the audience that the federal government can do whatever they like (whether the people want it or not). He calls his constituents fools and murderers.

As you might have noticed, I'm something of an asshole. I take pride in it. However, I have never, ever, seen such unmitigated, arrogant contempt from a government official.

My response: fuck you, Pete Stark. You've forgotten your most basic responsibility as an elected representative. We do not work for you. You work for us! If you can't remember that then you have no business in office.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Is this enough, America? Polls indicate that America will begin to retake the government from these leftist shitbags in November, but is this going to be enough? For one thing, we'll need a strong majority to repeal Obamacare (you know, like 66% of the country wants). We'll need a strong majority to support the Arizona immigration policy (you know, like 58% of the country wants).

It's obvious that you didn't listen in 2007 and 2008 when I told you exactly what would happen if you put Obama in office. Way back in 2005 I even said there would be another major terrorist attempt on American soil if you elected a democrat to the White House. There have been two, Fort Hood and the underwear bomber during Christmas (Oddly ignored by your president for four days. Guess he was on another vacation. Hey, I seem to recall a bunch of really goddamn stupid people complaining about President Bush waiting seven whole minutes to respond to the 9/11 attacks. Why do you insist on giving Obama a free pass on this bullshit?)

You didn't listen to me when I begged you to do something about Nancy Pelosi. You ignored me when I told you the federal government was trying to steal your rights away. You blew me off when I pointed out that FDR's "New Deal" and federal overspending prolonged the Depression.

So... can you hear me now? 


It has been
752 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (If democrats are the party of the people, why are so many of the people against their policies? You think maybe they're lying to us?)

The last email I got was cogent and respectful. It came from a conservative Send me your whines here:
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Sorry, no bitching today.

Sorry folks, no blog for one week. I am preparing for a public speaking engagement and focusing my time and energy on that. We'll return to regular ranting about the stupidity of the people you elected on Tuesday, February 8th, 2010.

In the meantime, please read the following websites regularly:

American Thinker

Michelle Malkin

Sweetness and Light

You might even learn something.

It has been
568 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (If democrats are the party of the people, why are so many of the people against their policies? You think maybe they're lying to us?)

The last email I got was cogent and respectful. It came from a conservative Send me your whines here:
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Your lesson for today, kids.

Today we're going to do something different here at the Happy Place. Today you have a reading assignment.

I was going to blog on this topic, but then I found these articles written by people who are much more informed and much more capable than I am.

Take some time, get some coffee, and settle in.

The Lesson of an Affirmative Action President

The Wilding of Sarah Palin

Are Men Obsolete?

Will the Real Racist Please Stand Up?

This will be on the test.

November 2nd, 2010

It has been
565 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (If democrats are the party of the people, why are so many of the people against their policies? You think maybe they're lying to us?)

The last email I got was cogent and respectful. It came from a conservative Send me your whines here:
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Obama just doesn't get it.

Well, the first thing I have to say is that you need to stop reading this and WATCH THIS VIDEO. I'll be here when you come back. Who knows? I might even be worth the wait. Plus this vid has a kickass soundtrack to it.

The second thing I have to say is that I called it: in chat with a friend last night I said Obama's rhetoric would either bump his numbers up by three approval points or down by two. Yesterday his approval was -15. Today it's -17. I'm so good I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back!
If only you morons had listened to me when I told you in 2007 and 2008 what an Obama presidency would mean for the nation, we might not be in this mess right now.

I didn't actually watch Obama's State of the Union. Obama has demonstrated a number of times that he has NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON. Letting him of all people, tell you what the "State of the Union" is when he doesn't buy gas, doesn't buy his own groceries, doesn't buy his own car, doesn't live in his own home, and doesn't do any of the things you do on a daily basis is sort of like letting James T. Kirk tell you how to blow up the Death Star.

What the fuck does he know about it?

But some people did watch the SOTU address last night. Some of them should have been watching but were apparently a little in need of a nap, as you can see in this picture of your homeland security director listening to Obama deliver the State of the Union Address last night: isn't it comforting to know that she is on watch? (Click the picture for link.)

Word is, Harry Reid was snoring peacefully away, too. We should put him out to pasture so he doesn't have to sleep while the President is talking.

There were a couple of REBUTTALS to the SOTU address last night that I happen to like. For one thing, notice how Michelle Malkin asked the same question I was wondering: after two acts of terrorism on American soil, is Obama going to say anything at all about protecting American citizens from muslims?

Nope. Not once.

I am also not amused that the two men who brought down the muslim terrorist that attacked our servicemen on Fort Hood were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THAT NARCISSISTIC GAS BAG for the entire rambling speech and he not only didn't introduce them, he didn't even acknowledge their presence. Makes you wonder why they were there, eh?

Obama did blame Bush a whole lot, as usual. In fact, on my Facebook page I said this, ten hours prior to the SOTU:

Today's drinking game: Watch the State of the Union address and take a shot every time Obama blames Bush, the "previous administration", or Republicans for anything. Any time he says "reconnect with the American people" chug a beer. Stomach pump on standby!

I got this response from one of my friends: "let me know how this goes... i'm interested to know since ten minutes in i've heard "previous administration" 3 times and "reconnect" at least once."

You know, by now you people should be just as good at predicting Obama's bullshit as I am. The problem is that you don't listen to what he says. You hear what you want to hear and you see what you want to see.

But, hey, at least Obama remembered his friends. While you and I continue to pay $3.00 at the pump and Congress spends us to death, the president had a great idea: 

"Additionally, the president proposed a college lending program that would give preferential repayment terms to government workers. That may be a tough sell at a time when MOST AMERICANS ALREADY BELIEVE THAT GOVERNMENT WORKERS ARE OVERPAID. Government workers are more bullish about both the economy and their own financial condition than private sector workers."

Isn't it nice to know that while your taxes are going up because of these idiots who can't understand economics or history or even open their goddamn eyes, Obama wants to give government workers reduced rates on college loans.

Here are some more facts for you. I told you in 2007 that Obama would destroy the country with ineptitude if you were dumb enough to put him in the White House. I was called racist. I was called ignorant.

I am neither. Can you do basic math? If not, you're probably a product of the failed public education system. (Yes. I'm a teacher-- at a charter school that is one of the best in the nation. Guess what? We're non-union. If I don't do my job, I get fired. You know, the way it used to work?)

Back to the NUMBERS. Since two of the most salient (it means "sticky-outy") points of my countrymen are laziness and stupidity I'll put the most important bit right here:


Do you get what this means? Obama is spending us to death. I see comments on YOUTUBE VIDEOS about calling the video creators "racist" because they dare to complain about the trillions and trillions of dollars of our money that Congress throws around like it's fucking sand. One poster was even insane enough to say, "I've never seen a president get so much shit. Give him time!"

What shit has he received? When he was elected he had a 64% approval rating, you fucking idiot! His actions brought America to distrust him. Rampant theft of our money from our wallet by a man who has never built anything or accomplished anything in his life other than to be swept into office by blatant racism is what caused America to turn against Obama.

You know, I've driven across this great country of ours and I don't recall seeing even a single tee shirt with Obama's face on it calling him a terrorist. I don't see anyone picketing recruiting offices waving signs calling Obama a babykiller. You're not only blind, you're a hypocritical asshead.

Give him time? He's had a year. He used it to double the federal debt. Grow up and stop making excuses for him while he makes things worse!

The fact that you can't see how ridiculous you sound blaming racism for any anti-Obama statements demonstrates an important fact: you are as much a threat to our freedoms as he is because you will continue to give him a free pass no matter how badly he bungles the job of protecting our way of life!

This is how out of touch Obama and the rest of the political class are. After a solid year of Tea Parties, complaints, and a raucous explosion of anti-government sentiment that culminated in the election of a Republican in the bluest state in the damn country, politicians still can't get your message. Rasmussen reports that  59% of America WANTS TAX CUTS.

You tell me. The other half of that article is that 14% of America expects congress to listen to their request for fewer taxes. (Here's the first step, people: it ain't a goddamn request. It's a motherfucking order! When you learn that you will have learned all I can teach you about how our government is supposed to work.)

What do you think, honestly now, and forgetting race, what do you think Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are going to do?




You didn't bother to look at Obama's track record before you voted for him. CAN YOU SEE IT NOW?!?

I'll tell you exactly what's going to happen. Your government will continue to FAIL TO LISTEN TO YOU.

Did you bother to read that link? If not, here's just the first sentence for you: "The Senate voted Thursday to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt."

"The Senate voted Thursday to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt."

 "The Senate voted Thursday to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt."

 "The Senate voted Thursday to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt."

 "The Senate voted Thursday to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt."

How many times do you have to see it spelled out for you? How many times must this be beaten into your head? How many times must you see the Obama/Pelosi/Reid trifecta ignore your direct orders before you decide to do something about it?

We are broke!

And yet, the representatives you elected keep spending and borrowing on credit and spending. THEY DON'T FUCKING GET IT, PEOPLE!!!

So I ask you this. Since people like me pointed this out to you in 2007, why are these people still in power? Why did you vote for them?

And by the way, while you Republicans are patting yourselves on the back about how well the Obama administration is imploding and how soon you'll be back in office, I'd like to remind my countrymen that all politicians are the same.

All the American people who are so proud that a Republican was voted into office in Massachusetts, I'd like to let you all know that this is the first line of a news article on Yahoo today: "Scott Brown says he has already told Senate Republican leaders they won't always be able to count on his vote."

While I agree that Scott GOT INTO OFFICE WITHOUT REPUBLICANS who abandoned him, I also want to point out that it is way too early to tell where this man actually lies. I would not be surprised to see him suddenly become another McCain, preaching amnesty for illegals, or Reichert, voting in favor of cap-and-trade.

Scott Brown won a seat in the bluest and most democrat-controlled state in the country. Do you really think he's a dyed in the wool hardcore conservative?

What scares me is that some of the posts and articles I've seen advocate retaking our country by the sword. Thomas Jefferson quotes aside, think of what a violent revolution would do to this country. The last Civil War killed 700,000 people and destroyed the South. The rhetoric is soft at the moment, but even the idea of confronting the American government by force of arms is terrifying.

We're not supposed to have to do so! Our representatives are supposed to follow our orders! Never in our history have the elected so willfully ignored the electorate.

This isn't the same, by the way, as President Bush "ignoring" the people when he invaded Iraq. As you may recall, only one senator voted against the use of military force after 9/11, and that was Barbara Lee. Moreover, more than 75% of the country was in favor of the war, which means that the people the President "ignored" were the 20% of unwashed, mouthbreathing, dreadlock-wearing morons who think global warming exists. The other five percent were those democrats who can hold jobs for more than a week who are just plain stupid (and also think global warming exists).

And there was no muslim terrorism to worry about in 1860. You think about what's going to happen if the American people get fed up with their government not obeying them and resort to arms again. You think about what Osama and his merry men are holding their breath waiting for, praying for...

If that doesn't keep you up at night then you are just like Obama: you're not listening.


It has been 564 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (How come we can give tax credits to government workers but we can't drill for our own goddamn oil?)

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This just in: Republicans are stupid, too!

But even the stupid aren't blind.

Right before I moved to the South there was this little vote on a thing called "Cap and Trade." You may have heard of it. You might also be aware of how it was going to raise your taxes for using energy you can't avoid using.

Now, call me crazy, but I think it's preposterous that democrats even consider raising any tax, anywhere, on any item, by even one frickin' penny to be within the realm of possibility while in a recession. The fact that they claimed cap and trade would only increase the "average" family's taxes by $1762 A YEAR just serves to show that democrats are the last people we want or need in charge of the economy. When there isn't a recession, they CAUSE ONE, and when there is one, they MAKE IT WORSE.

Furthermore, have you ever heard of even one government program that cost less than it was budgeted for? $1762 is the highest number they thought we would tolerate.

And while we're on the subject, I know families of four whose entire monthly food budget is $150. You mean to tell me that you think it's okay that we charge them $141 a month in extra taxes for energy?

And why? Because we're trying to save a planet that isn't even in danger? Just because Nanny Pelosi and Harry Reid claim that global warming exists and is man-caused, doesn't make either of those points true, and it sure as shit isn't a good enough reason to force American families to pay out two grand a year on the basis of unproven pseudoscience.

But let's not forget the eight Republican morons who bought into the climate change bullshit and sold you out. Remembering that any time those jokers feel strapped for cash they can VOTE THEMSELVES A PAY RAISE, even on the off chance that the cap and trade taxes actually applied to them (which they won't), all they need is to cast a quick ballot and the American taxpayer becomes their fucking ATM.

The Cap-and-Tax 8: the Republicans that sold you out. I'm ashamed that one of them is from my home state of Washington, but I'm not ashamed that I endorsed another candidate for his position because I think he's an ass.

Here they are:

Take the (R) out from after your names, folks. When you vote for the increase of taxation you betray your constituents who voted for you in the name of small government and reduced federal spending-- and when you vote to increase taxes because you think it wins you voters when you pretend the sky is falling, well... you're stupid enough to be a liberal, and therefore you're not a Republican.

Let's be honest about global warming, which I won't even capitalize because it's not that significant. Fact of the matter is, as I have reported before, a bunch of goddamn moonbats FAKED A BUNCH OF DATA and convinced someone as dumb as Al Gore ("D" in Natural Sciences as a sophomore in college.) that life was about to end.

Al Gore, professional hypocrite, flies all over the world in a private jet to tell you that you need to take a bike to work. His carbon footprint would MAKE A SASQUATCH CRY. His house literally uses twenty times the national average of electricity on an annual basis-- and he wants to tell you not to heat your home. He won an Oscar for Inconvenient Blatherings, certainly not the first time the Oscar was handed away to a documentary composed primarily of BULLSHIT, and you morons think that gives climate change some bizarre kind of credibility.

Guess what? In the 1970s there was real concern about GLOBAL COOLING. "Scientists" were "convinced" that the smog in the atmosphere was going to shade the earth permanently. Guess what? Nothing happened. In the mid 1980s environmentalists were searching desperately for something to make you afraid of, and they selected the mythical holes in the ozone layer-- which for some reason both sit over sites where there is absolutely zero ozone depleting chemicals (we're talking less than .0001 ppm detectable) and they selected acid rain. People freaked out because Cleopatra's Needle lasted thousands of years in Egypt and immediately started to deteriorate once it was brought to London.

Gee... I suppose there is no correlation at all to the fact that it lasted for thousands of years in one of the most arid climates on earth, and started to deteriorate once it was brought to one of the most humid places in the world, huh? Annual rainfall in Egypt is less than a fucking inch a year. London gets two and a half feet. You don't think giving a block of stone a daily sitz bath might wear it down after a while, particularly when it's made of limestone, one of the most easily dissolved stones on the planet? The damn thing would have started to melt if it were soaked in California spring water for Christ's sake!

Morons like Coby Beck write blogs about "How to Talk to a Skeptic" and pretend there is a scientific consensus on global warming. Guess what? That's an absolute lie. There is not now and NEVER WAS a consensus, scientific or otherwise, on global warming. No matter how many times you tell a liberal that and show them the thousands and thousands of scientists, meteorologists, and climatologists who disagree with Al Gore's FAKED NUMBERS, they won't believe you, because they are either stupid or deluded.

And you know what? I don't care. Liberals have the right to be stupid and deluded. They can also be vicious, spineless, hypocritical little bastards. I'm all for it. (Cindy Sheehan, are you reading this? Oh shit, I said her name! I'm sure she's like Beetlejuice and will now appear in a puff of sulfur to do Hugo Chavez's evil bidding!) Where I draw the line is when they convince enough other stupid people to band together and vote in equally brainless representatives who can then cast legislation to force you and me to conform to their diseased imaginings.

Never forget for a second that eight Republicans (and a bunch of mindless democrats) voted in favor of hamstringing the American economy during a recession and with a jobless rate of 9.1%.

You think China is going to agree to use less energy? I hate to tell you this, but we're in a dogfight to remain the only super power in the world. There can be only one. Would you rather it be a country that prides itself on granting liberty or one that prides itself on taking it away? Chinese people can't even google this damn blog because their government doesn't like the search engine. Is that the sort of government you want getting more power in the world?

Actually, you probably do, judging from your record in the 2008 elections.

Republicans are pretty stupid. After all, they're only slightly smarter than democrats. Take a look at this article that was posted on MICHELLE MALKIN's site:

"Republicans, industry executives and some Democrats have already written cap and trade’s obituary, at least for this year. And even some of the system’s most ardent supporters now say they must scale back their ambitions and focus on job-creating energy projects and energy efficiency measures if they are to have any hope of dealing with climate change in this Congress.

“Realistically, the cap-and-trade bills in the House and the Senate are going nowhere,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, who is trying to fashion a bipartisan package of climate and energy measures. “They’re not business-friendly enough, and they don’t lead to meaningful energy independence.”

Mr. Graham said the public was demanding that any energy legislation from Washington focus on creating jobs, whether by drilling for offshore oil or building wind turbines.

“What is dead is some massive cap-and-trade system that regulates carbon in a fashion that drives up energy costs,” he said."

No shit, idiot. Since you don't pay for your own gas and can vote yourself a pay increase any time you like  it doesn't surprise me that you're so damn astonished at the anger Americans have towards high energy prices. (Actually, they can get one by not voting. Congress now has to vote whether or not to accept a 5% "cost of living increase" every year. If they don't vote-- they get the raise automatically.) Although the average American is almost as dumb as you, he can see the fact that a $3.00 gallon of gas gives $1.72 in taxes to the government, and he can also see that you just won't even talk about utilizing our own natural resources.

There's a reason Americans detest the political class, and pronounce words like "politician" to rhyme with "scum-sucking shitbag." It's very simple: you make everything we touch cost more money. You tax us on our power, our water, our food, and (with cap and trade) our air. You tax us when we make money and when we spend it. You tax us when we buy a product and when we sell it. You tax us when we do any damn thing... and then you seem startled when we don't appreciate it.

Let me explain something to you that you probably won't get, Mr. Graham. You have one responsibility as an elected official, and that is to get out of our lives. If you can't or won't do that properly then we will find someone who will.

Don't you DARE go back to Washington and vote to spend even one more goddamn penny. You didn't earn it-- you stole it, and you don't have the right to spend it.

The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts was kind of neat, but that's not even a small indicator of the very real anger that is brewing. The only thing that keeps some of our country from literally seceding from the Union is the fervent hope that things will get better when we vote in another political party.

Well we had Republicans, and you spent our money and taxed us. So now we have democrats, who are spending even more of our money and taxing us even more heavily. Little by little even my dumbass countrymen are starting to realize that we need a complete house cleaning in Washington-- everyone out. What scares me is that some of them advocate doing it by the sword.

You keep stealing our hard work to fund junk science bullshit, and eventually there's going to be another Civil War. Americans will not sit idly by and allow you to impoverish us forever. We're dumb and we're slow, but like any oxen, when we get moving we will crush whatever is in our path.

You might want to think about that for a while, because a matador you definitely ain't.

It has been 563 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (Guess what? The ozone layer wasn't vanishing, either, dumbass!.)

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Yes, I said it... and I meant it.

I had a woman send me an email about my comments in yesterday's blog. Hey, you don't have to like it, but why are you reading if you don't want my insights? Is it the rugged good looks or amazing pectoral muscles that keeps you coming back?

Anyway, in a fairly articulate manner she had this to say: 

You said: "If you get drunk and spread your legs for someone, it is your fault. If you wear a micro-mini to the mall with no underwear and someone sees your pop tart, it is your fault. Stop blaming other people for your own stupid childishness."

I can't believe that you would blame the victim in this manner. It's not the woman's fault that a man got her drunk to sleep with her! It's chemical rape! Men need to realize that no means know and learn how to treat a lady!

I liked the rest of your blog just not this.

Well, I knew when I wrote it that it wouldn't make a lot of people happy. I'm sort of okay with that because I don't write anything here to kiss your ass and make friends. I'm not here to pamper your pootle until you praise my platitudes. This blog is the world as I see it, largely based on facts, but also based on my personal experiences.

So here are a few of mine.

1) Alcohol is one of the most widely consumed mood altering drugs available. Its use is almost purely recreational, and its effects on the human body are well documented. Therefore, I don't really see much of an excuse for a woman to claim after the fact that she was raped because she drank enough alcohol to raise her BAC higher than Obama's opinion of himself and lower her expectations enough to think Al Gore is attractive.

In fact, most recreational drinkers-- including women-- drink alcohol specifically because of the effect. After all, it largely tastes like ass-flavored urinal backwash.

2) While the ultimate responsibility for an attack lies with the attacker, not the victim, my almost 28 years in personal defense and martial arts has given me a considerable insight into victim psychology. Here's the bottom line: while you are not responsible for being assaulted, you are responsible for increasing your likelihood of being attacked.

Here's an example. I happen to be a physically smaller male. I stand five foot four inches tall and weigh just over eleven stone. In fact, I'm approximately the same size as the average female, although my pectorals are bristling with muscle rather than booby-- or at least that's what I tell myself.

I am well aware that,
in certain circumstances, I am a target . I do not, therefore, spend time in dark alleys or high crime districts of my local cities without some form of personal protection. As a tiny cracker, I stay out of predominately black neighborhoods. The fact that I don't give a thin shit what color skin someone has doesn't eradicate the fact that the most violent racists I've seen in the last twenty years have been predominately black, not white. It would be stupid to increase my risk of injury or death for no good reason.

I also know that there are some men out there who like to pick fights for fun, particularly when they imbibe a well-known inhibitions-remover. Therefore, I absolutely never drink an alcoholic beverage in a bar. The closest was one half of one beer in a Casino in Las Vegas. I do my drinking (on those rare occasions when I imbibe) in private quarters.

I am amazingly good looking. Small children follow me down the street, and when the sun glints from my perfectly straight teeth, women have been known to orgasm on the spot. The natural result of this is that I have been proffered a large number of drinks in bars across this great nation. Unless the drink is Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew, I politely decline. This does not mean that I do not wander over and introduce myself to the woman in question to thank her for her kindness and hopefully work my way into a chance to enjoy the fruits of her looms. It simply means that I do not reduce my ability to function responsibly while out in public!

If a woman weighing 120 pounds heads out to a bar and downs 57 shots she will probably die, and you know this (or you should, at least.) If she heads out to a bar and she downs ten shots, she will probably black out and not remember much of what happens until the video is
POSTED ON YOUTUBE. Whose fault is it that she drank so much? Why is it that everything a woman does is her responsibility when she's plastered-- except her selection of bed partners?

I do not like the phrase, "It is not the woman's fault that the man got her drunk so he could sleep with her." The man did not get the woman drunk. She got herself drunk.

Unless the man held you down and forced a dozen shots between your clenched teeth, only one person is responsible for the amount of booze you choose to drink: you.

No matter how many shots a man buys a woman or how much her chanting harlot friends encourage her to choke them down, the ultimate decision about how much to drink belongs to the woman.

If you insist on weakening your ability to defend yourself by drinking to excess then you must accept some of the blame if you cannot resist an attacker-- or even say no to him.

Ladies, use some common sense. Do not get shnockered around people you do not know. Buddy up. When you're on that date with that guy you think might be "The One," unless you're absolutely sure you are willing to accept the consequences of what happens, don't drink alcohol!

If you drink to a point where your judgment is impaired and you fuck someone you wish you had not, it is not his fault that you put yourself in that position, so accusing him of chemical rape is nothing more than fantasy escapism that allows you to solace yourself with an absolution for your own stupidity.

Note that nothing I have said here is excusing the man who rapes a woman, whether she is sober or not. In fact, I would like to go on record that, given a set of loosely interpreted laws allowing me to do so without criminal repercussions, I would happily spend the rest of my life as an assassin-for-hire offering my services to rape victims and their families. I can guarantee that no rapist would rape a second time once I'm done eliminating them, and the particular trophy I would take to ensure the kill is apropos for the situation.

There would be another fate in store for those shit gulpers who rape children. They get to live. In a wheelchair. Hopefully for a long, long time, wishing every day that their hands would move.

My point here is a simple one: No means no. That's an easy thing to accept. However, if you did not say no because you willingly impaired your own judgment then your after-the-fact regrets do not make it rape.

3) If a woman gets drunk and spreads her legs for a man she otherwise would not, she can claim it is rape. This is legal hypocrisy. If that same woman gets drunk, gets behind the wheel of a car, and slams into a family of five going 80 on the interstate, she will be jailed or imprisoned, depending on whether the prosecuting attorney decides to press for involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide.

Unless you happen to be Ted Kennedy, being drunk is no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a 4,000-pound torpedo and obliterating someone's life, so why is it an excuse for a woman to "take back" a sexual act that she gave freely?

In fact, if a man gets drunk and rapes a woman, the court will prosecute him for sexual assault, not grant him a pass and claim he is somehow a victim because his judgment was impaired. In fact, note the quote from
THIS EDITION of the Daily Mail: "'Drinking by the man should be considered an aggravating factor when any woman makes a complaint of rape, said Baroness Stern. She added: 'Being drunk is voluntary and people who become drunk are responsible for their actions. 'It is not the alcohol that commits the rape. It is not an excuse.'"

The sword cuts both ways, ladies. If a man gets drunk and rapes you, then that is his fault and he should be punished. However, if you get drunk and willingly sleep with him then that is your fault, and you need to accept the consequences of those actions, whether they include an STD, pregnancy, or simply feeling ashamed when you see his bow-legged, wookie-furred, buck-toothed game face the following morning.

If a woman gets drunk and shoots a man, she goes to prison for murder. If she gets drunk and fucks him, he goes to prison for rape. Does that make any kind of sense to you?

Chemical rape is a vastly different thing from sleeping with a willing woman who has been "loosened up" by Dr. Heineken. The use of
BENZODIAZEPINES or GAMMA-HYDROXBUTYRATE to incapacitate a woman so you can violate her is a crime. In cases such as these, the woman is absolutely not complicit in her assault. She didn't choose to take the drug that allowed the sexual act to take place. Cases such as these are no different than using a knife or gun or beating a woman into submission. The key difference is mentioned by the good Baroness Stern (even the House of Lords occasionally gets something right). "Being drunk is voluntary." If you volunteer to get drunk, you must accept that something bad may happen to you that you will be unable to adequately respond to or prevent due to your incapacitation.

This is why I do not drink in public. If someone chooses to attack me or someone I am with (it has happened on no fewer than four occasions, part of the reason I now tend to avoid bars unless I'm working in them) then my responsibility is to keep myself in a condition where I can defend myself and my loved ones from harm. Self-defense is a right, guaranteed by the Constitution in the form of the 2nd Amendment. However, self-defense is also a responsibility.

If you insist on spending time in poorly lit alleys, do not be startled when someone looms from the shadows and demands your wallet. If you just love playing in traffic, don't be surprised when a car hits you eventually.

And if you absolutely must drink yourself into a stupor, don't be surprised when something happens that you don't want. Hopefully it will be something minor, like finding yourself on Youtube. I hope that it won't be something major, like finding yourself in handcuffs, and I pray that it won't be something catastrophic, like finding yourself in a rape recovery ward or the morgue.

As for men learning how to treat a lady, well, what the hell do you want from me?

I bought you a drink.


It has been 562 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (Maybe you'd use less of that gas I pay for in your government car if you lost a little weight, Pelosi. You're starting to look like a pregnant moose.)

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A list of words people use to argue with me...

Over the time in my life that I have adopted the "Angry D" persona and persisted in arguing with liberal retards who are hell bent on redistributing what doesn't belong to them (i.e: your tax money), I have noted that the same words keep getting thrown at me repeatedly, as if this more or less constant litany can make them somehow stick.

It's your typical set of unflattering depictions that liberals save for the people they can't argue facts with because facts always-- always-- bear out that liberals are wrong.

Don't believe me? Why is it that liberals are so in favor of gun control, despite the fact that strident gun laws have been proven time and again to have no appreciable effect on crime rates?

Why are liberals consistently in favor of public schooling, despite the fact that graduation literacy rates have been falling drastically since 1990?

Why are liberals in favor of excessive taxation, such as capital gains taxes, despite the proven fact that the lower those taxes are, the more revenue is generated? Why do they insist on taxing businesses, despite knowing that those businesses pass the taxes on to the customer?

Why are liberals so quick to rush to the support of Barack Obama, despite his clear unsuitability for the office of President of the United States of America? Why would they ignore his record of association with known and unrepentant terrorists and anti-American class bigots? Why would they disregard his appointing of seven tax cheats to major cabinet positions?

Why? Because liberals don't care about right or wrong. Liberals want one of two things:

1) To obtain wealth at someone else's expense through "redistribution" of wealth (taxing me and giving the money to you).

2) To obtain power by forcing the people to be beholden to you. When Nanny Pelosi controls your medical care, she gets to decide whether you live or die, literally, by deciding which surgical procedures and which medicines are going to be available to you. All she has to do is get congress to vote against funding the procedure you need to survive and you are dead.

When a liberal wastes government time to make trans-fats illegal, or prevent parents from sending their kids to school with peanut butter sandwiches, it's not an annoyance. It is a direct interference in your ability to live your life without government fucking with you.

So, anyway, there's a list of words that people have been throwing at me because they can't actually argue against the myriad of facts I have at my disposal. The funny thing is that the people vapidly trying to argue with me are doing so on the very same internet that I myself use to research these facts. In other words, if they spent less time watching people fall down on Youtube, and more time doing their own fucking research, they would probably discover that I've been right all along.

However, the main reason people are liberal is because they are stupid, so it doesn't surprise me that they can't connect simple dots like, "Barack Obama was a senator for three years and spent one third of that time campaigning as president. He authored no legislation and voted present 133 times. He does not have a track record of decisiveness or leadership, and therefore it is not a good idea to put him in power as President until we can accurately judge his competence."

If you find yourself wanting to bitch about something I've said, good. At least you're reading. Now examine your complaint and see if you directed any of the following words at me. If you did, consider yourself rebutted before you even bother to hit 'send' on that email.

In the past five years that I have been blogging I have posted more than 500 links to my facts and sources.

Where are yours? If you're going to call me a liar, do so by pointing out exactly what lies I've told and what misinformation I've spread. Unless and until you can do that, you are making shit up... you know, like liberals do because the facts prove them to be wrong, first, last, and always!

Nazi stands for Nationalsozialismus which translates as "National Socialist Party." I'm not particularly sure where my actions could ever be contrived as socialist in any way, since I argue most strenuously for capitalism and less government. In fact, I present a vitriolic hatred of socialism in all its forms.

I don't believe in suppression of information, book burning, or systematic genocide of the people that don't agree with me. I do however, believe most strongly in the organized and thorough eradication of any group, ethnic or otherwise, whose stated goals and actions involve harm to me, my family, my countrymen, or our way of life. That means I'm perfectly willing to eradicate every muslim on earth if it means that those people stop trying to use their underwear to blow up airplanes or suicide vests to blow up schoolkids.

There's a crucial difference between eliminating a threat to your safety and wiping out a culture because you blame them for everything that's wrong in the world. You are stupid, so I understand why you can't see the difference.

I have already defined fascism multiple times on this blog. I challenge you-- in fact I defy you-- to provide precise examples of where and when I have ever:

Forcibly suppressed dissent
Advocated the regimentation or governmental control of industry
Advocated racism or violent nationalism

In fact, I am violently opposed to racism, particularly of the variety that gets incompetent baboons like Barack Obama elected to positions of power and authority that he is patently unqualified for and incompetent to adequately discharge.

I read about forty news sites a day, from Huffington Post to Yahoo News. I don't get my information from Keith Olbermann or sixty second sound bites between episodes of Lost like you do, jackass.

I'm not a new conservative, I am an old one. I want to go back to the government of 1790, that had almost no federal power over your life. They didn't tell you who you could fuck, where you could work, or what medicines your kids could take. They didn't even have the right to tax you

Hateful American:
My countrymen donated some $680 million to Indonesia after the tsunami. While-- I would like to point out-- we were still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. We never received a thank you. For twenty years the largest source of food and medical supplies sent free of charge to Afghanistan was the United States. They responded by sheltering Osama Bin Ladin and allowing him a base of operations from which to launch the 9-11 attacks .

When Iran was hit by a major earthquake my countrymen reached into their hearts and pocketbooks and gave freely of $380 million. The Iranian people were told that Americans laughed in the streets and ignored them, and that the aid parcels (Stamped "American Red Cross") came from other muslim nations.

At the time of this writing my countrymen have provided more than $1 billion in aid to Haiti after their devastating earthquake-- while in the middle of the worst recession in eighty years (caused and exacerbated by liberal overspending, excessive taxation, and inability to restrain themselves from meddling in what is supposed to be a free market economy).

To date, my countrymen have not taken a penny in assistance from any other country for the rebuilding and recovery after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to our southern states.

You think we're hateful? Fine. Give us back our money and clean up after your own parties from now on, asshole. We are not required to provide aid to your shitty little third world nation. We do it because we want to help save lives, and half you ignorant pricks won't even let your women attend school. You certainly don't thank us for what we do. You bitch and moan and then start a war with your neighbor that results in us having to spend American lives and American dollars to bail your dumb asses out.

Let me be clear, here: I would vastly prefer to live in a world in which Europeans and Middle Easterners were intellectually and morally capable of solving their own problems without a fucking bloodbath that gets my people involved.

So, the next time a tidal wave wipes out your harbors - don't call us. The next time an earthquake obliterates your capitol - don't call us. The next time you're invaded by one of your neighbors - don't call us.

You go right ahead and solve your own problems. Complaining about the aid America gives you is like bitching about the brand of free beer in the fridge.

While we're on the subject, I would also like to see America out of the United Nations. The only thing you degenerate ass-clowns do is get American troops killed in your peacekeeping actions and provide a world stage for third world despots like Hugo Chavez to blather on about "American Imperialism." You people were too stupid to finish Saddam until we went ahead and did it for you. You fucked up Korea, and look where they are now, and you'll continue to pussy around with Ahmadinejad in Iran until he finally succeeds in developing a nuclear arsenal, at which time you will immediately begin to wail for American troops to root his ass out of whatever spider hole he buries himself in.

I'd just as soon not get involved in your wars any more. Send all those French troops instead.

By the way, in every war of American history but three, Europeans started it and we had to wade in and finish it at the cost of American lives. Other than the
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, and the current IRAQ WAR, Americans tend to avoid conflicts and bloodshed unless you jaggoffs drag us into them.

Actually, now that I think about it, the current Iraq war is a continuation of the 1991 Iraq war, which came about because Saddam suddenly decided that the Kuwaiti oil fields belonged to him and we had to go drive his stupid shiite ass out of their country. So, that makes two total wars in 233 years of history that were actually started by Americans.

I'm not sure either one of those actually count, either. After all, most of America thought the Maine was sunk by Spanish saboteurs, and since we couldn't seem to get those damned European nutters to stop trying to violate the Monroe Doctrine by sneaking up from Mexico (We have a long history of needing a better fence down there.) there was enough anti-Spain sentiment to not really search for answers until after the shooting stopped.

And as for the Civil War, since it was fought completely by Americans, it probably doesn't count as war mongering or American "imperialism" either.

So, since you Euros and Middle Easterners and South Americans and Africans seem to be the real war mongering imperialists, why don't you leave us the fuck alone and go on killing each other? I'm quite all right with that. You don't seem to be grateful for those times when we've saved your lives and economies and nations, anyway, so there's no point in us doing it any more.

When women stop portraying men as the root of all evil in a country that offers them complete political and reproductive freedom I'll stop making reference to their inability to pass standardized physical tests for employment in the Armed Forces and law enforcement. Until then, ladies, continue to bellow about your independence while you cry for us to open pickle jars for you.

By the way, you don't add credibility to your claim of sexism when you dress like a whore and expect us not to look at you or react to it. At no point in world history has a class of people (women) done so much to taunt and tease and titillate while still having the gall to demand no repercussions for their actions. If you get drunk and spread your legs for someone, it is your fault. If you wear a micro-mini to the mall with no underwear and someone sees your pop tart, it is your fault. Stop blaming other people for your own stupid childishness. If you're going to dress like a slut, accept the fact that you're going to be looked at. If you can't accept that fact, muslim nations would be happy to rip out your clitoris and fit you with a burkha.

And let's not forget, ladies, that the only reason you have the freedoms you have in this country is that men were willing to fight and die for them. Since women have traditionally not been allowed in combat, you reaped the benefits of millions of male deaths in the name of your freedom.

I don't think there's anything so sexist as America-- but it's not directed towards the gender you seem to think it is. Watch a little television some time. (What am I saying? That's all you idiots do!) Men are people to laugh at. While women are portrayed as intelligent, focused, and professional, men are stupid, fat, sex-obsessed losers, according to television writers and advertisement designers.

Don't believe me? Compare Peter Griffin to Lois Griffin on "

Compare Ray Barone to Debra Barone on "

Hell, compare Ralph Kramden to Alice Kramden on "
THE HONEYMOONERS." Even in 1958 on television men were fat loudmouths and women were the voice of all reason.

Or just watch a few TV commercials. Men can't even pick a restaurant without a woman there to help us. It's almost like, if we could just squint up our eyes enough, we could pretend that over the last 5,000 years of recorded history, there has actually been even one matriarchal society that prospered. We can almost pretend that women, who comprise 50% of the population, have exactly 50% of the positions of power and authority.

I wonder why it is that, given that men and women evolved simultaneously together, women for some reason did not gravitate towards leadership roles and men did. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that men and women are physically, emotionally, and mentally different!

I have nothing against women, but I'm sick and tired of the systematic sexism against my gender that goes accepted and tolerated because it's "funny" or politically correct. Women are not stupid or incompetent, but they are not men, and there are certain roles men perform better than women do, just as there are certain roles that women perform better than men.

You can accept this fact. You can ignore this fact. However, you cannot argue this fact.

You were the one that voted for Obama because he was black. I chose not to vote for him because he is incompetent, as I have already pointed out and has been adequately demonstrated during his first year in the White House. Projecting your own inadequacies onto me doesn't make them true. 

Difficult to refute, since I happen to agree with it. A better comment might be to ask "Why is he so hostile?" To which the answer is, "Because he's tired of paying for the stupidity of his countrymen."

War monger:
Europeans got more people killed in
FOUR MONTHS than Americans have managed in eight years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. During the first sixty years of the last century, Europeans were responsible for two major world wars and countless undeclared "police actions" and "operations" that resulted in millions dead before Americans finally had to step in each time and put a stop to your systematic obliteration of your neighbors.

Muslims have been killing people they didn't agree with for more than 1500 years, and they are the ones to declare "jihad" on anyone that says or does something they don't like.


That is what muslims do when they don't agree with the way you live your life. Americans aren't the war mongers, moron. We're simply willing-- and able to defend ourselves from you when you draw us into your stupid conflicts.

Gun nut:
I don't even know what this means. Yes, I exercise my second amendment right to defend myself with a firearm. However, before I ever put on a sidearm I was the youngest Togokure-Ryu black belt in Washington state. The fact that I am capable of hammering a fist through your temple if you try to steal my wallet does not remove from the fact that a firearm is a much more effective self defense weapon, particularly if you are old, infirm, smaller, or physically untrained to defend yourself from an assailant. Therefore, as I get older and my reflexes get slower, the ability to protect myself and my family leads me to search for an item that gives me the ability to do so at minimum risk to myself.

Until someone builds me a fucking lightsaber, the pistol remains my best bet to keep my family secure. The national average police response time to an emergency call is

The average self defense situation lasts less than fourteen seconds. Sure, the forensics team will catch him, eventually, but you will still be dead!

Santa Rosa, California, where you are not allowed to carry a pistol to defend yourself (in blatant and illegal defiance of the 2nd Amendment), once made me wait at a dance club for an hour and forty seven minutes for the fucking police to get there and remove a man who was grabbing underage girls inappropriately and refused to leave. 911 response to my fourth call in the first hour? "Call us back if he gets violent."

My response, "Put me on record: if he gets violent, I will cripple him for life. Then I will sue your ass personally for not upgrading this until someone got hurt."

You go ahead and wait a hundred and seven minutes for the bad guy to get done raping your wife and daughter. I'll blow his fucking head off in the first ten seconds and then we can spend the next 1:46:50 cleaning up the mess. My wife is a little more important to me than your fine and noble childishness about gun control.

Here's my hope with this blog post: I get really, really tired of the lack of creativity (and the spelling mistakes) that most of you liberals display when you try to attack me. We already know that you're vile, offensive, and degrading to anyone that doesn't march in lock-step with your pet theories on how we should spend our money. We already accept the fact that you aren't smart enough to see reason, and that the kindest thing we can do is consider you afflicted with a mental disorder called "persistent delusion." We know this and we accept this because it's the world we live in.

However, if you're going to write me a fucking email, do it right. Stop using words unless you know what they mean. Stop trying to accuse me of saying or doing things I have never said or done. Above all:

Stop pretending like anything you say makes any kind of sense.


It has been 561 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (We're going to have to kick your fat ass out of office before you actually give us our own energy, aren't we, Nan?)

I need more hate mail. It's great comedy. Send me some here:
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You need to read this.

Got up this morning and decided to read a little political humor. (You can translate that into, "Whatever comes out of Obama's bacon-hole makes me laugh.)

I actually found two things that rather interested me. The first is that Obama's approval rating is dropping faster than my prom date's underwear.
Ahem. I. TOLD. YOU. SO!

And here's the second ITEM.

This is Mark W. Hendrickson of the conservative comment site American Thinker. This piece is titled "Dusting off the Political F-Word." Mr. Hendrickson isn't discussing the word "fuck," which I understand some people don't like to yell in front of the children. Instead, he's talking about a word more insidious.

The word is fascist.

I've written about this before, but since you were stupid enough to put our Dear Leader into the White House despite my pointing out to you his obvious incompetence and socialist leanings, it is clear to me that you aren't familiar with deductive reasoning, so I'll take you step by step through it one more time.

Step one: Define fascism.

fas⋅cism (n)

1: A governmental system forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Step two: Beat into your thick fucking skull that liberals are fascist by definition.

a) The only supporters of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine are LIBERALS WHO DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOUR RIGHTS!

b) There was a 28-point gap in attributed bias between liberal and conservative points of view in the media in 2009. I don't give a thin shit if you believe me or not. LOOK IT UP. This is the same media bias that got Dear Leader elected in the first place by giving him a three to one airtime advantage over McCain. What the fuck was Obama doing on ESPN shooting hoops?

c) Other members of the media don't like opposing points of view. Keith Olbermann had THIS TO SAY about a competitor (whose ratings are about twenty points higher than Olbermann's).

Hey Keith, if you can't compete legitimately that's no one's problem but yours.

Now, you could make a case that, except for the inaccurately named "Fairness Doctrine," the media isn't actually controlled by the government to suppress information-- they do it on their own. My rebuttal is that willing complicity or forced compliance is wholly irrelevant when the end result is lies and deceits designed to keep one party in power and deface the rest of the political spectrum for having the temerity to believe something different.

d) Want to vote for someone other than Obama? Better hope the NEW BLACK PANTHERS don't catch you (Don't they sound like nice chaps?). Even though they were caught and charges were filed, Obama's Department of "Justice" appointees made it a priority to DISMISS ALL CHARGES during their first month in the job. Hey, one guy got punished... he was ordered not to brandish a nightstick outside a polling place until the election of 2012.

e) Obama completely ignored property rights as dictated by the Constitution and simply STOLE GENERAL MOTORS FROM THE STOCKHOLDERS. In precisely what way is this legal? When did the American government get the right to walk into a business and tell the elected board of directors to step down? Answer: The American government has never had that right. Obama simply usurped it without authority or approval from the American people. Explain to me why you're not rioting in the streets over this?

This is exactly what King George was doing in 1770. Back then, Americans were willing to fight barefoot in the snow for their freedoms. Now, as long as nothing interferes with your ability to watch Jersey Shore you could care less about individual freedoms being stolen by the federal government. This is why you disgust me.

Because you're stupid, let me point out one thing to you: the only reason you didn't explode when you first heard about this was because the business you own or work for isn't big enough-- YET-- to warrant government interference. Are you seriously going to sit there and wait until it is big enough and Obama is stirring his sticky fingers in your fucking paycheck before you do something to stop him?

f) In a further blaze of lunacy, Dear Leader then mounted an ASSAULT ON BANKS. He wants to tell the experts that have been doing this their entire lives what they can do with their business, and he wants to tax them more heavily for the services they provide to their customers.

Again, because you're stupid, banks and businesses do not pay taxes. Those banks won't pay a red nickel in taxes next year, and they didn't pay any fucking taxes last year either! They will pass those taxes directly to you, the consumer trying to get a loan or earn interest on your mutual funds. This is Dear Leader's sneaky method of raising taxes for his idiot social programs. He can go to you all innocent in 2012 and say, "I never raised your taxes!" Bullshit! You raised taxes on the businesses and products I need to live my life, and those taxes were passed onto me!

g) Obama claimed he was going to run a transparent government. Explain, then, why the hugely HATED health care bill was debated behind LOCKED DOORS where the Republicans that represent more than half the country were not allowed entry into the debate over a bill that could conceivably send you to jail for NOT BUYING HEALTH INSURANCE WHETHER YOU CAN AFFORD IT OR NOT.

Isn't it nice to know that while Obama is allowing known terrorists BACK IN OUR COUNTRY and releasing Gitmo detainees back to their trainers in Al-Qaeda, he wants to make you a criminal because you don't want to buy a product he wants to provide you? I understand why he wants to drop charges against Black Panthers using billy clubs to scare elderly people into voting for someone they don't support-- he needs the space in those jails for our college kids, most of whom take the risk of not having insurance so they can save a little money. I wonder if those useful idiots on college campuses across the country who campaign for liberalism would be so quick to do so if they knew that Washington is one vote away from making their personal choices for their medical needs illegal?

h) And if we're talking about transparency, why the fuck are your representatives performing CRITICAL VOTES on a Saturday? At MIDNIGHT?

Hey idiot, if they're doing it in the middle of the fucking night then they probably don't want you to know about it!

i) Do I even need to discuss racism? A far-leftist, known incompetent with no history of success in any field he touched in a thirty year career, with a series of lengthy ties to a bigoted religious figure, a corrupt governor, and a man famous for blowing police up with IEDs, was swept into office with 97% of the black vote-- including 27% of blacks who claim to be conservative and 56% who claim to be moderate-- because "It was time."

I'll tell you what it's time for. It's time for you to open your fucking eyes to what Obama really is and what liberals really are!

Obama is a socialist. Liberalism is socialism, PERIOD!

Socialism cannot survive without fascism. Socialism depends on the ability to regulate the media (Fairness Doctrine, straw man depictions of prominent conservatives on mainstream television, overwhelming media bias) and control the means of production (GM takeover, bank regulation, health care control).

Socialism needs media regulation because its very principles are against human rights. What right does the government have to take your money away from you in the form of taxation? None whatsoever, except the power granted by a gun barrel, which allows them to arrest you for tax evasion (unless you work for the Obama cabinet, where it becomes a prerequisite to employment.)

What right does the government have to steal your business away from you? What right does the government have to tell you what medical care you will receive and when?

By definition socialism requires governmental theft of private assets, which causes a circular need for forcible suppression of individual rights, even the most basic right to know what the fuck is going on without a reporter's personal bias being injected into it. But truthfully, what right does the government have to do any of the shit they do to us?

None whatsoever. And if you weren't so fucking stupid you would be blogging too. You'd be calling your representatives. You'd be marching on Washington. You would be able to remember that the agenda democrats are using has been in place for eighty years and has not changed by one fucking letter!

The same people you trashed out of office in 1972, 1980 and 1984 changed their suits and their front mouthpieces and wandered right back into your life (and into power) in 1992 and 2008 because you can't fucking remember what happened last week, much less in October of 1917 in Russia or 1962 Cuba or 1933 Germany!

This is what pisses me off about you, America. Look below my signature. How long will you be content to pay three times what a gallon of gas is worth because some assholes in Washington won't let us drill for our own natural resources? What's that fucking counter going to get to before you start applying pressure to your congressman to use our own natural resources and stop enriching diaperhead fanatics who want to kill us?

I know you're still stupid enough to think the war in Iraq was about oil. (Hey, now that Obama is in charge of the war in Iraq, is it still about oil? I notice you're not chanting that any more. I also notice that casualties in Iraq have INCREASED 13% from 2008 to 2009 with Obama running the dance party. Why is Cindy Sheehan wasting her time outside Dick Cheney's old house? Shouldn't she be waving a sign outside 1600 Pennsylvania?)

So here's a concept you can understand: if you don't want blood for oil, let us drill our own fucking oil out of our own fucking property! Then we can abandon the middle east to their own devices and sit back with popcorn while they butcher themselves over whether they should pray to their warped god at 3:02 or 3:04pm.

Here's a new' flash for you, moron: you pay for congress's fucking gas, too. Nanny Pelosi doesn't use one penny of her goddamn paycheck to purchase fuel. She has a government car and a driver! You pay for congress's gas and they reward you by forcing you to pay more for your own!

Why do I keep bringing that up? Why am I still harping on gas prices? Because gas prices are a symbol of liberal control over your life! You use gas every fucking day! I don't care if you ride a bike to work, the power in your home comes from electric generators that burn oil, the trucks that deliver food to your grocery store run on diesel. Even if you've never driven a car in your life, the price of gas affects every goddamn product you purchase or service you require!

How DARE Nancy Pelosi force you to pay more for a product that heats your home and carries food to your children and gets you to work when it is within her power and her responsibilities to make this product more affordable for you?

How DARE she!? Every dollar you earn represents time from your life. My paycheck represents 50 hours a week spent at my school, teaching, coaching, and performing other necessary tasks. Every dollar congress steals from me or forces me to pay that I shouldn't have to represents time from my life that is stolen from me because of their bullshit political agenda!

That's time I could be spending with my children, creating art, learning new things, or even writing blogs about how ignorant and stupid my countrymen are.

If you can't understand that then you have no business voting, because when you vote with your damnfool ignorance, you vote to take my valuable life away from me! This is the underlying result of fascism. It takes peoples lives away from them. It doesn't matter whether it is by shooting them in the head for dissent, or forcing them to work themselves to an early grave to pay for idiot social programs like universal health care and carbon taxes. The result is the same: time and life stolen from families and loved ones.

And you... you sit there and let them do it. You let empty rhetoric and slick public speaking techniques interfere with your ability to process information.

Why are you so damn stupid, America?


It has been 559 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (I'll start walking to work when you do, Pelosi. As long as I am paying for YOUR gas I should get to tell you how much you're allowed to use! You are no longer allowed to use MY gas to drive to Capitol Hill for midnight votes.)

I need more hate mail. It's great comedy. Send me some here:
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I'm back, Baby! And you're a racist asshole!

Well, dear friends, it has been a long time since last I blogged. Since my final post in 2008 a lot has changed for me. I moved 3,000 miles and took a new job as a teacher and coach in a small school in North Carolina.

I'd like to move to regular updates once again here at the
Happy Place. For one thing, thanks to a nation of complete morons we now have the most inept President in American history in office. I know you folks like to make up crap about George W. Bush, I know you loved to call him stupid, but hey, at least the man graduated from college. We're not even sure that the Obamanation has even done that since the man won't release his transcripts.

Obama was swept into office because of two things: First,
He Wasn't Bush. Well, all you shitheads that voted for him, my ferret isn't George W. Bush, either, and I don't see you leaping forth to put her in charge of the national economy. (Come to think of it, I'm sure she'd do a much better job. She knows that food and shelter are most important.)

The second reason Obama is now able to fuck our economy like a Thai prostitute is because
you are a bunch of racist assholes. Obama got 97% of the black vote. You mean to tell me that the most liberal senator in the country speaks for the 27% of blacks who identify as conservative? Excuse me? You voted for him despite what you knew was the right thing to do, because, as so many of you loved to preach, "It was time."

In other words,
it was time for a black man, no matter how incompetent, unqualified, or downright corrupt, to be the president.

The worst part about what you ignorant assholes have done is that the
millions of competent, articulate, and intelligent black people out there who would do well in public office will be overshadowed by this one-term nightmare for generations to come!

Thanks, morons.

So, in his first year in office, Obama has managed to: 

Install seven--
SEVEN-- known tax cheats to his cabinet, including one as Secretary of the goddamn Treasury!

Select as his Homeland Security Director a woman who was governor of a state in which Mexican drug cartels were kidnapping citizens of her fucking capitol and holding them for ransom. (The woman can't even keep one fucking city safe from terrorism and you handed her the whole damned country?!?)

Go on an apology tour of Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East in which he debased America at every turn and
was even dumb enough to bow to a Saudi puppet king!

9 million jobs-- despite giving away more than a trillion of your dollars in two failed stimulus packages. (Maybe he should have given the money back to the taxpayer instead of just to his friends and cronies, n'est pa?)

Oversee a completely illegal takeover of General Motors. (Hey, what do you call a government that takes over private industry again? Socialist? Hmmm... didn't someone tell you in 2007 that B. Hussein Obama was a socialist? Wasn't that someone a really good looking guy named Angry D?)

Undermine American national security by first attacking the CIA for doing their jobs, then releasing information about their interrogation practices.

Release a 19-page report that said Americans who held conservative views were a greater risk to national security than known islamic extremists.

Dither and dally while pirates held American citizens hostage until a local on-scene commander gave a weapon's-free order, for which he then took credit.

Nominate and confirm an admitted racist to the Supreme Court

Ignore a terrorist attack on our country for four days while he vacationed in Hawaii-- and

Develop and ram down the American taxpayer's throat a bill so heinous that it had to be debated in back alleys and behind closed doors and literally voted through congress at
midnight on a Saturday. (Where's that transparency, Mr. President, you lying sack of weasel shit?)

Claim dozens of times to be bipartisan or nonpartisan, in spite of the fact that his democrat cronies locked Republicans out of meetings on the health care and cap and trade bills and refused to allow them on committees or in debates. (This is called lying, Mr. President, and it's why people who trusted you in 2008 DON'T TRUST YOU ANY MORE.)

Further abrogate his oath to serve the American people by negotiating a deal on said bill that would have allowed Big Union members to AVOID "CADILLAC PLAN" TAXES. (Aren't you supposed to be the President of all Americans, not just the ones that contributed funds to your campaign? This is why people who supported you in 2008 DON'T SUPPORT YOU ANY MORE.)

Doubled the national debt in ten months-- with plans to triple it before the end of his term. Perhaps it might put it into perspective that it took 233 YEARS to develop a debt that Obama doubled in less than one two hundredth the time!

He managed to do all of this and still fly in a Chicago pizza chef to the White House and dine on $400/pound Kobe beef while you eat Top Ramen and peanut butter.

I want to make sure that you know where I stand on this issue. I am not and never will be against Barack Obama because he is black. I am against his presidency because he is measurably and demonstrably incompetent. This was demonstrated long before you dumbshits voted him in because of the color of his skin. Barack Obama is a failure. Period. If you can't see that it is because you are delusional.

de⋅lu⋅sion (n)

A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact: a paranoid delusion

So, with that in mind, here are the facts:

The man was an academic--
who never published a single paper.

He was a lawyer--
who never argued a single case.

He was a professor--
who never mentored a single student.

He was a senator--
who never sponsored a single successful piece of legislation.

He is a "compelling orator"--
who has never given a single speech anyone can remember the next day.

He is a leader of people--
who has never managed to explain how he could associate with people like Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers or how he could campaign for someone like Rod Blagojevich.

He is a politician--
who has NEVER represented or respected the will of the people he represents.

He was a community organizer-- who never made a single positive change in his community-- EVER!

He is a brilliant negotiator-- who was laughed out of the Global Climate Summit and lost Chicago the Olympics in one vote.

He is a president-- who has spent an entire year whining, crying, and complaining about the actions of a predecessor in office.

(At what point does Obama's constant bitching about Bush start to be seen for what it really is: blame deflection from his own failed policies?)

All of these are known facts-- facts that you people ignored. You're so full of righteous anger now, anger that swept Republican Scott Brown into a traditionally democrat-owned seat in Massachusetts. That's great and all, but if you weren't so fucking stupid you might have noticed this shit in 2006 and 2007 when people like me were trying to point it out to you.

You might have considered three years ago that Barack HUSSEIN Obama had links to known terrorists and Chicago cronyism.

I don't forgive you, America. You can't fix stupid. Ignorant is one thing. Not knowing that Barack Obama spent eight years working for an unrepentant William Ayers as a thirty-year-old adult male is no excuse for not doing the most basic study of the candidate you hand selected for the highest office in the land. I can forgive that you did not

What I don't forgive is that
you did not CARE! All you conservative blacks that voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, I don't forgive you. You are racist and I will never trust you again because of what you have done to my country. All you "moderates" who voted for him because he "Wasn't Bush" didn't bother to look at his policies and his track record and recognize that the man isn't even capable of gaining a security clearance to be a fucking bank security guard, I don't forgive you because you were blinded by your political ideology to the point of insanity.

You disgust me, America.

I told you people the facts in 2007. I told you then that Nancy Pelosi and the democrat-controlled congress had doubled the price of gas and stonewalled every attempt by the Bush administration to respond to the looming mortgage crisis. I even posted links to graphs showing that the price of gas had risen just 61 cents from 2000 to 2006, but by $2.56 from 2006 to 2008 and the only thing that had changed was Pelosi and her scum taking power. I showed you the charts that demonstrated that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had dropped 2,000 points from 2006 to 2008 after rising to record heights from 2004 to 2006 under Bush and a strongly Republican congress.

Now, three years later, you fools have given even more power to those lying sacks of shit while they still point fingers at a president that isn't even in office any more-- and you want to whine and complain about what they are doing with that power that you handed to them on a silver platter!

Bush wasn't the problem. The problem was you people. YOU, the person reading this right now, were and are the problem. You want to protest at Tea Parties and whine and cry about the size and expense of a government that you voted for!

Why didn't you get off your ass in 2007 when I was begging you to write and email and call your representatives and tell them how to vote? Fuck, I even wrote the damn letters for you, all you had to do was open up your email software and cut and paste the message!

You. Were. Too. Fucking. LAZY!
And now we're all paying for it.

Now you are allllllllllllll butt-hurt that Cap and Trade was passed and nearly signed into law. You're all pissy that the Obamacare legislation was one vote away from giving complete control of 1/6th of the American economy to a class of people that can't even install a fucking road sign on time and under budget. You're all pissed off that you can't sell your house even for what you bought it for because unemployment is at 10% and creeping higher and no one wants to take the risk.

Oh sure, NOW you are motivated to get off your ass and "take back your government." Here's a novel question: Why the fuck did you give it away in the first place?

I told you this would happen. Glenn Beck told you this would happen. Rush Limbaugh told you this would happen. Sean Hannity told you this would happen. Ann Coulter told you this would happen. I can understand why you wouldn't listen to me; I'm a nobody with a free blog and a smart mouth, but Rush has a listening audience of 65 million. In a time when AIR AMERICA IS GOING BANKRUPT (because they were nothing more than a cesspool of liberal deceit), Rush Limbaugh gets offered $400 million contracts. Obviously you were listening to him but not hearing him.

I want to make sure you understand this, too: I also blame the Republicans who were in office from 2004 to 2008. In 2004 Republicans did what no party had ever done before: gained ground while a member of that party was in the White House. From 2004 to 2006 Republicans had control of the House, Senate, and White House.

What you did with it, John McCain, was inexcusable. What you did with it, Michael Steele, was morally insupportable. Instead of using this control to reduce government, cut taxes, defend our borders, and make our country strong and proud, you overspent, lined your pockets, weakened our borders, and squandered your political capital and our tax dollars in an obscene orgy of excessive stupidity. Democrats were able to take office for one reason: there was no actual conservatism on the fucking ballot in 2008. For that you should be ashamed. You should not be sending me emails begging for money for your campaigns, Mr. Steele. You should not be endorsing amnesty supporters who lied to voters about supporting Obama's porkulus packages, John McCain. (The person in question is Charlie Crist, of Florida, a global warming alarmist who swung McCain's primary from the doghouse to the driver's seat in 2008.)

You should be unfucking your own problems, Republicans, not gloating over winning one seat in Massachusetts!

Ronald Reagan did more in four years with a rabidly anti-Republican congress than you managed to do in eight years with a solid Republican majority and the weight of the entire conservative power base behind you. Hell, Bill Clinton, for all that I detest that serial rapist, was able to do more with a strong conservative majority in congress than you were able to do with complete control of the government.

You blew it, America. You gave our country to Barack Obama and his socialist brand of cronyism and thuggery.

Maybe next time you should think about selecting a qualified candidate for public office instead of voting for one because of the color of his skin. I'll bet you knew the names of the last five winners of Survivor but you were too fucking lazy to research the background of the president you elected.

You are the problem, and everything that moron in the White House does to our country is your fault.

Even though he's going to blame it on Bush.


It has been 558 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (Have you noticed that the price of gas is nearing $3.00 again? Last time it went that high, Nancy Pelosi said it was because there was an oil man in the White House. What's your excuse now, Cunty? Bush left office 367 days ago! You can stop blaming him for all your own fuckups now!)

I need more hate mail. It's great comedy. Send me some here:

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Hate Mail! We've Got Hate Mail!

One of my favorite authors, before he wrote the same story nine times and called it three different fiction series, is DAVID EDDINGS. I particularly recommend the Belgariad series very highly.

In that series, King Belgarian, having recently taken the throne, is concerned that he might be offending some of his subjects since he was raised on a farm and doesn't have proper courtly manners. Another character tells him, "Any jackass can get through life without offending people. If you're not making someone mad then you're not doing your job."

Welcome to the world of the blogger.

Before I go much further, let me point out that I'm not apologizing for anything I write here on this blog. If you're offended by something someone you don't know writes on an unmoderated Internet web diary then you have too much time on your hands and you need a real job.

Besides, I want to piss you off. The only reason anyone has ever gotten angry at something I've written is because it struck too close to home. When I call islam the religion of pieces and my hate mail explodes, I know that it's because a whole lot of people out there simply can't handle the truth and it's easier to accuse me of being a Nazi than it is to actively stare the cult in the face and recognize that its (un)holy book advocates the torture and slaying of infidels.

So I want you make you mad at me. Maybe if I point out that you're stupid, which is why you selected democrats to represent you in Congress and they've made a total shambles of the economy, doubled the price of gas, and then gone on recess to promote their insipid biographies instead of actively working to fix the problems they've caused, maybe if I get you angry enough to recognize that you caused this problem with your infantile selection of your representative government then you'll do something to fix it.

Maybe if I point out that the unteachable students in todays schools, the kids with the long hair, the disrespect for anyone in authority, and the sluttish dress, are your sons and daughters, you'll be tempted to do something about it.

I doubt it. If there's one thing I've learned from careful observation of my countrymen it is that you're stupid, apathetic, and selfish.

So if you see an apology in the following post then it actually exists only in your imagination.

Sent to me on July 11th, 2008:
You sir, are a RACIST! I saw your blog post on july 10, 2008 and I was appalled! To think that you are allowed to preach such hate disgusts me. Have you ever met a Muslim? I can tell that you have not.Most of them are kind and generous people much better than Xians. You owe the entire Muslim race an apologie for your racism!

Okay. I'll give you that. No problem. All you have to do is find someone of the muslim race and bring them to me, and I'll get down on my knee and apologize to them for my mistreatment of them.

Good fucking luck, cretin. MUSLIM is not a race any more than Christian is. It's a general term used to define the practitioners of a specific religion. There are white, black, brown, and yellow muslims in this world. I'm surprised you don't know that if you're going to attempt to lecture me about the religion, dipshit!

By the way, for my readers I'll provide a little translation of the word "Xian." Several years ago, I believe it was on AOL, the word "Xian" came about as a way to refer to Christians. See, we've all seen or heard the word "Xmas" to refer to "Christmas." Xian was a way to take the "Christ" out of "Christian," because some of the mouth-breathing mental defectives out there who felt persecuted because Christians don't like their pentacles and goth makeup decided that they weren't acting like Christians should. It's puerile nonsense, like most religious arguing. Fuck off.

Another email about this subject, sent to me on July 12th:

How dare you accuse the Muslim faith of atrocities! You need to look at your own history sometime. You Christians tortured thousands of people in the Inquisitions. When will the world receive an apology for that?
Another great question! First off, there was only one Inquisition that used torture as a means of extracting confessions, and it was the SPANISH INQUISITION. Oh those kooky Spaniards! Inquisition is actually a generic church term for a religious tribunal. Second, I'm not a Christian, so I don't feel it necessary to apologize for something I didn't do. Third, unless you were sleeping with your head under water on September 11th, 2001 you really can't tell me that muslims don't commit atrocities. You might also want to look up DANIEL PEARL and PAUL JOHNSON sometime before you shoot of your fool mouth about how innocent the damn muslims are.

And by the way, accusing the Christian religion of atrocities does not eliminate or excuse the atrocities committed daily by muslims. And fuck off.

From someone who was a little behind the times and sent this to me on July 15th:

You're absolutely right, and I am on record as having stated my position clearly on this issue based on this fact: GNUS do kill people. I support legislation banning gnus, which is why I strongly feel that Nancy Pelosi should not hold the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives since she is, in fact, clearly related to wildebeasts.

Nancy Pelosi:   Wildebeast:

As for the rest of your rant, I don't particularly have a problem with gun laws. I have a problem with disarming people who have not committed a crime. I have a problem with laws that take away my right to defend myself and my family from other people who wish to do us harm. I have a problem with people who can't understand a simple sentence like, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." I also have a problem with an overbearing government that claims it has the right to take my firearms away from me, because frankly, it's bad enough that San Fran Nan and Harry Ballzack Reid don't listen to the American people. What's to stop them from ordering their militia to invade your home?

Public outcry? Pish tosh! The public is crying out right now that this Congress is inept and ignoring their stated will, yet they still haven't done anything about it. I'm not disarming myself based on their say so, that's for damn sure, so fuck off!

This one came in a while ago. Last year, in fact:

I'm sure Al Qaeda feels the same about you. Nutballs think alike.

The fun thing is that I really don't give a shit what Al-Qaeda thinks about me. I hope they hate my guts. I hope they spend time, money, and resources trying to figure out a way to kill me. First off, the odds of them pulling it off without being caught in America, the world leader in forensic science, are long. Any AQ operative that is working specifically to assassinate me simply doesn't understand the concept of risk versus reward. Second, maybe if they're reading my work they might start to think that blowing up schools and sawing the heads off of people isn't the best way to promote your cult's peaceful agenda.

Third, if Al-Qaeda is spending time and resources trying to track me down then that means they are spending fewer resources and less time actually fighting our soldiers in the field, which means there's a good chance those boys in green are going to show up and blow their fucking heads off. If I can distract one AQ operative for a grand total of sixty seconds then I consider it to be a net gain for our side. Yay us!

Fourth, Al-Qaeda can fuck off.

This one stung a little:

I hope you never get to be a teacher. Your part of the problems with schools today. we dont need more teachers with a republican agenda filling our childrens heads with your hate-speach and nonesense. If you really knew anything about history you would know that the civil war was about slavery! YOUR A FOOL!!!11!!
Actually, I'm already a teacher, and I'm already working to fix the problems with schools today, namely idiots like you who simply can't figure out how a subject, predicate, and punctuation work together to make a readable sentence. Obviously you paid attention to your spelling lessons. I can tell by the way you sent three lines of text with an average of two misspelled words per sentence.

It is not hate-speech or nonsense to look for the actual causes of a war that killed 650,000 of my countrymen and set the stage for an overbearing Federal government. It's not hate speech or nonsense to maintain that slavery would have perished on its own without violence if nature had simply taken its course. America was the only country in the western hemisphere to require combat to eradicate slavery.

You also need to go back to school and learn WHY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WAS FOUNDED. In 1854 a group of Abolishonists founded the party specifically to combat slavery when the Whigs seemed powerless against the organized and well-funded democrats who were slavery's biggest cheerleaders. In fact, my opinion, and it may be the subject of my master's thesis, is that the current condescension towards minorities demonstrated by the democrat party may be a direct descendent of the democrat desire to continue maintaining slaves. Certainly it makes for compelling thinking: slavery is institutionalized racism, and so is a welfare state that refuses to teach minorities how to fend for themselves.

All of which is beside the point. Fuck off.

This one is my favorite:
Stupid american bitch, your deeds in the world will never be forgotten.
How you killed people in Afghanistan, how you destroyed peoples lifes and homes will never be forgotten.
How you destroyed Irak only for oil will never be forgotten.
I hope Allah strikes you dead.
And I understand why 90% of the world hate USA.

Actually, 90% of the world hates America because they can't accept the fact that other people on earth have nice things when they don't. The literal Japanese translation of "Thank you" is "I am humiliated that I am in your debt." This is a good analogy for the rest of the world when America has sent her sons to die in your petty wars, defended your freedoms, purchased your products, send humanitarian aid and monies to help you recover from your natural disasters, and rescued your citizens time and again.

I hope America's deeds in the world will never be forgotten. My problem is that jackasses like you never understood them to begin with.

When it comes to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries in the middle east I need to make something perfectly clear: I would happily depopulate every last one of them to protect a single American child from you. Do you get that? I'm sick and tired of you jackasses accusing America of being a terrorist nation and then going out and bombing a fucking schoolyard. Terrorism is defined as "the use of violence and threats of violence to intimidate or coerce, especially for political or religious purposes." When America says, "Nope, we're not going to let you sit there and build long range ballistic missiles, Mr. Hussein," and then invades, finding mass graves in the fucking process, that is not terrorism.

Detonating a suicide bomb on a bus full of Israeli students is terrorism. Get it through your fucking coconut!

You know what? Our Armed Forces are the most rigidly controlled and disciplined in the entire world. Our doctrine of force lists exactly what we can and can't do while you're hiding behind schoolchildren and placing your weapons in mosques (where we won't bomb out of deference to your pathetic religion.) The only reason there is anyone of your cruel faith still alive is that our own sense of moral decency prevents us from exterminating you like the roaches you are.

The difference between the American Armed Forces and you terrorists is fairly straightforward. When Americans bomb a private house or kill a family, we feel bad about it. We apologize. We look into the matter to determine if it was a war crime or a case of mistaken identity. We punish members of our own forces who do these evil things, in some cases executing them.

Whereas the people who chant "Allahu Ackbar" intentionally aim at civilians. Muslims willfully and with purpose shoot at schools. Members of the islamic faith specifically target the innocent.

That is why you are going to lose this war. Eventually you're going to offend so many people that even the Ted Kennedys, Nancy Pelosis, and Harry Reids of the world won't be able to defend your actions any longer. When that happens you're going to hear the most chilling words ever spoken by an American military commander:

"Weapons free!"

While we're on the subject of you being an asshead, perhaps you can explain to me why the war in "Irak" was about oil? I've never really caught the straight of it, largely because the invasion of Iraq had precisely zero positive effect on the world's oil supply. If anything it made things worse due to the damage done to the infrastructure. Besides, fuck off.

So anyway, that's the majority of my hate mail at the moment. I'm actually sort of happy to be getting so much of it. That tells me that I'm being read (I'm sure most of you are getting help with some of the longer words.) and I'm having an affect, even if it's just making you snarl at your latte server.

I live pretty much just to piss you off.


It has been 023 days since President Bush lifted the oil drilling moratorium and Congress has failed to act! (But Nancy Pelosi has found time to travel all over the country and promote her book. Isn't the Speaker of the House supposed to be working for us?)

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